Revenue Protection Services is a Commercial Investigation Company specialising in identifying and reducing employee theft and related fraud within the leisure, retail, hospitality and ferry industries.
    Through the use of covert surveillance techniques, we identify dishonest staff at the point of sale and investigate stock thefts throughout the supply chain.


  • Identify and apprehend dishonest employees
  • Tackle small individual incidents of theft as well as the larger group incidents
  • Provide Management Fraud Awareness presentations
  • Tackle widespread and organised fraudulent activity
  • Carry out operations audits to identify client vulnerability to fraud
  • Work for many of Europe's leading Leisure, Retail, Hospitality and Ferry companies
  • Dramatically reduce client losses from employee theft and fraud
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  • Up to 25% of employees steal from their employers!
  • Employees out-steal shoplifters!
  • Many companies do nothing to stem these losses!
  • UK businesses lose billions of pounds annually through employee theft and fraud