Isle of Wight Ferry Operator -
Ticket Fraud
  • An inshore ferry operator engaged RPS to investigate suspected ticket irregularities.

    The two month investigation led to the identification of 12 members of the public who were regular users of either counterfeit or stolen, re-cycled tickets and also the staff perpetrating the fraud.

    Multiple arrests were made by Police after they were presented with strong evidence by RPS. The investigation involved the examination of over 250,000 tickets.

Two ticket frauds were uncovered:

    In one fraud, genuine ticket details were scanned into a computer and then printed onto stolen genuine blank ticket stock creating multiple copies of the same ticket.

    In the second fraud, ticket collectors stole genuine tickets at the point of check in and sold them on for subsequent fraudulent re-use.

    As well as investigating the fraud RPS also advised the client on measures to improve procedures and prevent the fraud re-occurring. Prosecutions are pending.

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