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Car Park Cash Theft
  • A large airport hotel received information from a member of staff that one of the car park cashiers was stealing from the company. The hotel engaged us to investigate the allegation.

    RPS set up a camera in one of the hotel rooms overlooking the car park pay booth. A transmitting microphone was hidden inside the booth to transmit everything the cashier said to departing customers back to the video recorder.

    Our camera recorded all the cars stopping at the pay booth and the microphone picked up how much the cashier charged each customer.

    A written schedule was also maintained detailing the charges levied.

    At the end of his shift, the cashier completed his paperwork and handed in the day's takings.

    A comparison between his declaration and our schedule showed that the cashier understated the takings by £66.00.

    During the shift, four of our operatives removed cars from the car park and were charged a total of £32.50 in varying amounts. None of these test purchases were correctly registered.

    The cashier either cancelled the parking tickets or recorded them as staff tickets, i.e. no charge.

    The Police subsequently arrested the cashier and searched him. He had over £250 on his person together with 3 unofficial receipt books for issue to unsuspecting customers.

    A further £40 in change was found in his car together with a fourth receipt book.

    The cashier was prosecuted and pleaded guilty to theft.

    The annual loss from his activities was estimated at between £12,000 and £18,000. He had worked at the hotel for 5 years.

    A month later we apprehended a second car park cashier in the same manner. This was the same employee who had supplied the original information against the first cashier!

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