Clothing Retailer -
Cash Theft
  • A retail clothing company were losing £500 per week from one of their outlets and engaged RPS to investigate.

    They suspected stock was being taken from the unit and had not considered that cash may have been stolen at the point of sale.

    RPS out test purchasing and surveillance on the four full time and two part time members of staff.

    One of the part time members of staff was observed failing to register a sale for £130 correctly.

    The following week an RPS operative made a test purchase totalling £97.93. The cashier did not register the sale into the till but added up the prices of the different items of clothing on a calculator.

    Our operative handed over £100 and the cashier registered a no sale to get change from the till and handed it to the operative.

    After our operative left the shop, a second operative observed and video recorded the cashier putting the £100 into his wallet which he had hidden in a cupboard.

    Other customers were observed and video recorded paying for goods which the cashier did not register into the till.

    The cashier was arrested by Police but no money was found inside his wallet. £175 was later found hidden in his underwear. This money included the test purchaser’s marked £100 notes.

    The cashier was successfully prosecuted.

    He was a student and even though he had only been working for the company for one day a week for 6 months, he still managed to steal around £10,000.

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