Wine Bar -
Management Fraud
  • A company who owned several busy wine bars engaged us to investigate stock losses that had grown to £4,000 (5%) per month at one of their operations.

    Several visits by RPS operatives were made and the staff were observed.
    All the staff were seen to be registering sales correctly with the exception of two assistant managers.
    They were both observed serving customers and registering "no sales" into the till. Several RPS test purchases were registered as "no sales".
    Subsequently we examined a selection of till rolls. When either of the assistant managers were working (without the manager being present) there were between 26 and 79 "no sales" registered on each of the two tills.
    It was the assistant managers who were responsible for cashing up the tills and it was easy for them to remove the surplus cash at the end of the session.
    Both were apprehended, interviewed and dismissed for theft.

    After this, losses fell to an acceptable level.

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